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Jenna Pastuszek — Don't Fear Failure

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We talk about her work with Tim Russell at Innovative Voice Studios and how they collaborate to create programs that empower their clients to take ownership of all aspects of their creativity. Jenna explains how she filmed a covid-safe version of her show "Get Happy" and also shares what she has learned from studying Judy Garland.

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Links and show notes from this episode:

  • Young People's Theater Workshop
  • Jenna describes that she didn't realise how important singing and performing were to her life until she stopped doing them temporarily.
  • NYU Steinhardt
  • Operating out of fear instead of intuition
  • Innovative Voice Studio with Tim Russell
  • How the Covid 19 pandemic encouraged Jenna and Tim to extend and expand their offerings to serve performers beyond the NYC area.
  • Building programs that people can participate in online and in person.
  • Learning to sing as a vehicle for learning to be a human. Preparing for a Broadway audition can teach you things that are applicable across a variety of industries and markets around the world.
  • Learning about auditioning for Broadway can teach us to treat ourselves and each other with humanity and respect.
  • "I use my voice to help others find theirs."
  • IVS is showing leadership in the Broadway community by engaging Equity & Diversity Strategist Shavanna Calder, and creating the Artist Expansion Fund to support BIPOC artists
  • Get Happy - The Songs of Judy Garland, performance for East Lynne Theater Co.
  • Filming the Covid Safe performance in a theatre with no audience to be watched by people online
  • The costs of Judy Garland's legacy
  • The lessons Jenna has taken from Garland's humanity
  • The difference of getting to know an artist as a Human First
  • Future planning
  • Why Jenna would tell the younger version of herself not to fear failure
Art (and artists) need an audience. Your art won't put itself in front people who want to engage with it by accident. For your work to have more significant impact in the world, part of your creative practice — part of being ready — should include building an Audience by Design.

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