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Jay Clouse — Commitment, Creatives and Community

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Jay created Unreal Collective which is a community of creators and he built Freelancing School to help you become your own boss. In his podcast Creative Elements, Jay talks to high-profile creators about the nitty gritty of building their creative careers.

In this conversation, Jay talks about the years he spent not believing he was creative and we talk about how he’s grown his business over the past four years—including when and how he thinks about outsourcing tasks, so he can focus on what he does best.

Jay shares his thoughts on building habits versus making commitments, getting intentional about what he wanted to achieve when he began the Creative Elements podcast, and reflects on how all the high profile guests he features on the show spent years in the trenches before they began to recognise the level of success they’re known for now.

Jay has a lot to share about building community, having built his own online community and advising other brands and businesses on how they establish successful communities of their own.

You can find Jay on twitter and instagram @jayclouse. If you enjoy this episode I’d love for you to reach out to Jay and tell him so.
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