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Andrée Martin, Mindset Monday - The Three P’s to Win

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Episode notes

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Mindset Monday with Andree Martin on the Success InSight Podcast.

In today’s episode with Andrée, we chat about the three P’s to win.

Key points include:

3 P's to WIN!

Do you know how to WIN?

What does it stand for? How are you going to WIN? To Get the Gold and not settle for silver?!

Win: What is Important Now?

3 Ps to WIN:

You have to LOVE to win! Love an advantage ahead of the competition!

Identify, to the nth degree, what is important now. Not what you missed yesterday, not what you haven’t done yet (future) 

What is important now, at this moment? (be present and laser focus on that one thing)

  • Patience - (we live in a want-it-now society) to not stray, to stay focused on that one thing!  (patience with tempo, your team, competitors, your clients, and most importantly, with YOU! Breathing also helps!
  • Practice with a Purpose. Ex: discuss detail and percentages used in purposeful golf practice
  • Plan & Be Methodical - Plan out everything with a benchmark to beat the odds, to beat the competition, to get the competition to chase YOU as the winner, as the leader!

Follow each of these three keys, and you will also be able to handle the pressure that comes your way! Why? You are prepared; you have stayed with your purpose and plan to win! Go for the gold!

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