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Scott Christianson, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Episode notes

Our guest today on the Career Focus Series on the Success InSight Podcast is Scott Christianson, Associate Teaching Professor at the University of Missouri.

Scott’s interests are focused on the impact of emerging technology on society and geopolitics. He loves mentoring students with their business and tech ideas, exploring new ideas, and geeking out about technology

Individuals impacted by Scott’s work, include Entrepreneurs, students, and technology leaders.

Ah-ha Moment
As a teaching professor, I empower students to transform the world by teaching them how to operate the levers of change. There is no better reward for a teacher than to see your students expand their ability to think critically and meet the challenges they are presented with; except perhaps to encounter them years after graduation and discover they have grown well beyond your own abilities!

How do we predict the future? And why making predictions is a valuable exercise (currently reading "Imaginable" by Jane  McGonigal)

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Questions Discussed by Scott
1. What are the applications for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Medicine and Education?
2. How will Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning change the nature of work?
3. What should we be concerned about with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning?

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