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Love Actually – The Christmas Special

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Episode notes

I caught Mummy kissing Hughie Grant! Underneath the mistletoe last night! 

To get you through this festive season, we have a very special episode looking back at one of Hugh’s most legendary rom-coms – Love Actually.

For our Christmas episode, we get the thoughts of Beth Amann and Patrick Flynn, who host the What Is Love Actually? podcast – a 12-part pod that is dedicated entirely to dissecting this holiday classic.

We also speak to Christopher Orr, film critic and writer at The Atlantic magazine, who is notorious for writing two extremely negative reviews of Love Actually. Both interviews are great fun, so make sure you don’t miss them.

Finally, we also put the word out to the THFG fans, to send in some Christmassy clips of yourselves telling us your favourite parts of Love Actually and what you’d get Hugh Grant for Christmas! We'll be listening to all your submissions right here on the Christmas special. 

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For those of you that want to head straight to our interview with the folks from the What is Love Actually? podcast skip to 9:30 and for our chat with Christopher Orr it's 45:40. 

Merry Christmas everyone!