Taking Hugh for Granted / About a Boy (with Drunk On Rom-Coms)

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Episode notes

This week Oscar and Diggory are joined by two very special guests – Marie and Coni from hit podcast Drunk On Rom-Coms. The girls certainly lived up to their name by drinking the boys under the table, despite recording at 10am. 

In a chat that covered everything from the definition of a 'bloke' to Diggory's trips to Disneyland, we discussed one of Hugh Grant's all time classics: About a Boy. The DORC gals were particularly taken by Nicholas Hoult's destruction of a duck in St. James's Park and his jig to Mystikal's Shake Ya Ass. But did Marie and Coni think About a Boy was taking Hugh for granted? Tune in to find out. 

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For those of you that want to skip disclaimers, opening theme tunes, salutations, synopses and go straight to the film analysis, head to 09:50.