Taking Hugh for Granted / Extreme Measures

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Episode notes

Come one, come all and listen to the latest episode of Taking Hugh for Granted as Oscar and Diggory take a look at Extreme Measures (Michael Apted, 1996) and ask the all important questions: 'If you could cure cancer by killing just one person, would you?' and 'Is this film taking Hugh for granted?'

When a man’s body mysteriously disappears from his emergency room, doctor Guy Luthan (played by Hugh Grant) begins making enquiries. The trail leads Luthan to the door of the eminent surgeon Dr Lawrence Myrick (played by Gene Hackman), but Luthan soon finds himself in danger from people who want the hospital's secret to remain undiscovered...

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For those of you that want to skip disclaimers, opening theme tunes, salutations, synopses and go straight to the film analysis, head to 04:53