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The Symposium: How To Party Like An Ancient Greek

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Episode notes

In Ancient Greece, the symposium was no ordinary after-dinner drinking party, but one in which the Hellenic men of society got together to wine, recline and philosophise. They took various forms depending on the whim of the leader of the symposium - the symposiarch - but were exclusively male affairs (aside from the occasional courtesan or two).

In this episode Tristan is joined by Michael Scott, Professor of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Warwick, to find out more about the soirée of booze, babes and slaves that was the Ancient Greek symposium.

We mention a few different vessel types. Here are some visuals of the different vessels we mention:

The kylix / kylikes

The krater

The oinochoe

The psykter

The plate

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Warning: a couple of cases of mild language.

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