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Feathered Dinosaurs

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Episode notes

Having dominated the earth for millions of years, it's no wonder Dinosaurs have always fascinated us. Depicted in films and TV shows as monstrous scaly beasts - they inspire a terrifying image. But what if we told you that the T-Rex could have been covered in feathers? It's a question that's haunted palaeontologists for years - were dinosaurs actually covered in feathers, and if so, what purpose did that serve?

In today's episode, Tristan is once again joined by palaeontologist extraordinaire Henry Gee. Looking at the fascinating new discoveries from the last decade, was there a close connection between modern birds and dinosaurs? And do we need to change the way we picture these jurassic beasts?

The Senior Producer for this episode was Elena Guthrie. Assistant Producer Annie Coloe. Audio production by Thomas Ntinas.

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