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The Tomb of Tutankhamun

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Episode notes

In November of 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter, thanks to benefactor Lord Carnarvon, discovered the untouched tomb of Tutankhamun. Otherwise erased from history, the tomb of this 18th Dynasty Pharaoh would go on to change the world. Undoubtedly cited as one of the greatest archaeological finds in human history, do we really know what happened in November 1922? Or is there more to the story?

In the second episode of our Tutankhamun series, Tristan is joined by Egyptologist and author Bob Brier a.k.a. “Mr Mummy”. Together they tell us the details of this groundbreaking discovery, and help illuminate the missing characters. How did Howard Carter stumble across a world changing archaeological find - and was it worth the breakdown in diplomatic relations that followed?

Content Warning: This episode contains references to miscarriages that some listeners may find upsetting.

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