The Ancients


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Episode notes

From seductive sorceresses to withered necromancers, witches play a varied - and vital - role in ancient history. Recorded in classical epics by the likes of Homer, and immortalised in tragedies by Euripides, the names Circe and Medea resonate across society and culture even today. But how did witchcraft and magic aid them in ancient societies, and what does it tell us about how women of power were viewed in the ancient world?

In this episode Tristan welcomes Dr Mai Musié and Dr Regine May to the podcast to delve into the mystical world of Ancient Witches. Looking at how Circe and Medea's powers reflected their position in society, sinister necromancy, and the role that Greek tragedies played in immortalising the idea of the Witch - why were these women so powerful, and why were they so feared?

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