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Apex Interview: Blowing Glass and Taming Lightning with Percy Echols

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Episode notes

In today's interview, Jan sits down with Percy Echols II. Percy is a Pittsburgh-based Artist, Alchemist, and Educator who pioneers the development of Neon and Plasma Light Art at the Pittsburgh Glass Center and is the creator and host of the Podcast Taming Lightning.

In this episode, Percy and Jan reminisce about where they were in their entrepreneurial journeys when they met four years ago and talk about some of the adventures they've been on over the past few years. From Percy traveling to Italy and Sweden to participate in amazing events centered around artisan glass and plasma art to Jan's escapades across the US and Africa - this episode is full of raw and vulnerable stories of what it really takes behind the scenes to build a personal brand around something you love.

We both enjoyed the conversation so much, that we're for sure going to be doing a part 2!

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