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Casual Monday: The Fine Line Between Being a Rebel and Being an A**hole

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Episode notes

Welcome to Casual Mondays. Yes, we know they are being released on Tuesdays - but we record them every Monday so... deal with it.

In these episodes, Jan and RJ talk about their weekends and whatever adventure is coming up that week.

Today Jan and RJ talk about a question that pops up in Jan's DM's pretty frequently. Sometimes being an entrepreneur means that you have to "go against the grain" but that doesn't mean that you just always tell people "no" or "I have a better idea"...

So how do you walk this fine line? Jan gives a practical example to help us understand what this line is, and how to recognize it in our own lives. 

Then we switch tempo and RJ gives a sneak peak into a new product that he's planning on launching in collaboration with Adam Robb from All Circles Media Group!

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