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Inked Chronicles: Unraveling Tattoo Artistry, Travel Hacks, Social Media Trends, and Celebrating Podcast Growth

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Episode notes

Ever wondered what goes into creating a tattoo sleeve? Join us as we unwrap the fascinating world of tattoo artistry, alongside our co-host, RJ, a human canvas for the talented Chris House from Nimbus Tattoo. RJ takes us on a journey through his sleeve-creation process, from mapping characters and villains on Google Sheets, to enduring long hours in the chair for a masterpiece. 

As we switch lanes, we share some handy travel hacks that'll make your life easier. We discuss the benefits of the Ventra app for seamless navigation through Chicago - forget about Uber! Plus, we've got some unexpected geographic nuggets about the Tennessee border that might just surprise you. 

Social media's influence on different industries cannot be overlooked, and the tattoo industry is no exception. We discuss this evolving business model and how it has shifted power dynamics. With a collective reach of 2.5 million followers, the implications are huge! 

We discuss the significance of brands owning their mistakes and spinning them into humor. To wrap up, we share our October highlights, celebrate the growth of our podcast subscribers, and build excitement for our upcoming episode. You wouldn't want to miss out!

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