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Digital Detox: The Reality of Technology, Promoting Mindful Usage, and Enhancing Human Connection in a Screen-Driven World

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Episode notes

Are you feeling overwhelmed by technology? Have you ever wondered if there could be a healthier balance between our digital and physical lives? Join us in this powerful dialogue with our guest, Forrest Bronson from Digital Detox, an organization that sparks a healthier relationship and balance with technology.

Get ready to be inspired by Levi Felix's story, the brainchild of Digital Detox, who went off the grid following a health crisis that stemmed from overwork in a tech firm. His journey of renewal led to the creation of this organization, which has evolved into a global force.

We tackle the gritty reality of technology and its profound influence on our society, especially our youth. We shed light on shocking statistics and delve into the State of Advisory for social media declared by the Surgeon General. Discover just how many people are motivated to make a change and the profound effects social media has on teens.

Being present, they say, is the best gift you can give to someone. We discuss practical tips for more mindful tech usage, emphasizing the importance of being present and minimizing phone distractions. Get insights on how to enhance human connection in a world driven by screens.

In our final segments, we explore the impacts of social media on screen time, the toxic environment created by 'likes' and 'scrolls', and how it hampers our ability to focus and express ourselves authentically. Don't worry, we don't leave you hanging with the problem; we've also packed this episode with practical and executable tips to take control of your tech usage.

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