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Casual Monday: Caffeine, Avoiding BS Supplements, and Cold Plunges

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Episode notes

Welcome to Casual Mondays. Yes we know they are being released on Tuesdays - but we record them every Monday so... deal with it.

In these episodes, Jan and RJ talk about their weekends and whatever adventure is coming up that week. Today, Jan kicked off the conversation by talking about his caffeine addiction, and how much worse it used to be while he was a full-time ICU Nurse. RJ brings up Jack Owoc, which spurred a 20min conversation about how many supplements in the supplement industry are bulls%$^. 

Does anyone else remember "Sensa" packets? 

We round out the conversation today by talking about a few of the neurological benefits of cold plunges, not just the muscular benefits.

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Law Suit on file with Federal Trade Commission against Sensa and 3 Other Fad "Weight Loss" supplement companies. is a website dedicated to unbiased clinical research on the effectiveness of ingredients in supplements.

Study on the Soeberg principal and fat-loss

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