The Beatle Bugs Podcast / Episode 11 - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

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Episode notes

After a brief hiatus, the Beatle Bugs Podcast is back to cover one of the most iconic albums in the history of The Beatles...indeed in all of music history!

Sgt Peppers lonely Hearts Club Band is the bands 8th studio album and has gone down as one of THE greatest albums in history. Freed from their obligations to tour, the Beatles could finally give their all in the studio. They would innovate and experiment, using a plethora of new sounds and instruments never before used by any other band. In fact, the bands most important new instrument was the studio itself. The album would push the boundaries of music to its outer limits and the result was a musical masterpiece.

Join us as we review the album and a most critical period in the history and development of The Beatles. Things would never be the same again!