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Episode 230: Pricing From A Book Keepers Perspective with Jason Blackman

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Episode notes

In this episode of the Bookkeepers Podcast, Jo welcomes guest Jason Blackman to discuss the topic of pricing from a bookkeeper's perspective. Jason shares his journey into the bookkeeping and accountancy space, starting with his early interest in working with figures and his initial experience in a farm office. He recounts how he became involved in accounts when he was chosen to handle the accounts for a branch of the business, despite having no prior experience. Determined to understand the field better, he pursued accounting courses and developed a passion for double-entry bookkeeping. Jason talks about his transition from working at a farm to joining an accountancy practice, where he gained valuable experience and eventually decided to start his own practice in 2001. Over the next 12 years, he built his business up to about 200 clients, offering various services including bookkeeping, annual accounts, payroll, and more. However, in 2013, Jason had to reassess his career path. In 2018, he and his wife Claire, started to build up a practice that is now at 125 clients. The conversation then shifts to the topic of pricing, and Jason reflects on his pricing journey. He mentions that in the early 2000s, hourly rates were the norm, and he initially charged £15 per hour for his services. As technology and automation have advanced, he believes that hourly rates have become less relevant. With the availability of tools like Xero and bank feeds, much of the manual work has been eliminated. Jason argues that instead of focusing on the time spent, bookkeepers should charge a fair fee for the value they provide, even if much of it is automated. He highlights the importance of providing a fixed monthly fee to clients, ensuring transparency and avoiding surprise bills. Jason also discusses different pricing methods he has come across, such as charging a percentage of turnover or per transaction. While these methods have their merits, he believes that pricing based on the internal components of bookkeeping, taking into account the complexity and volume of transactions, is a fairer approach. Jason and Jo discuss the importance of finding a pricing structure that aligns with the unique needs of both the bookkeeper and the clients. They emphasise the value of communicating the benefits of the services offered and finding clients who appreciate the expertise and support provided by bookkeepers. About us We help bookkeepers find clients, make more money and build businesses they love that work for them. We're raising the profile of the bookkeeping profession and bookkeepers worldwide. Whether you're a bookkeeper or accountant wanting to grow your own business to have the flexibility for your life, and your family, come and join us. Join our FREE Facebook community, The 6 Figure Bookkeepers' Club, to experience this revolution for yourself. Connect with us at ----------------------------------------------- Quiz Are you 6 figure ready? Find out at ----------------------------------------------- Courses Find out about how we can help you at ----------------------------------------------- About our Sponsor This episode of The Bookkeepers' Podcast is sponsored by Xero. Find out more at: -----------------------------------------------