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The Building Downtown 105: Rick Frank Can't Trust Police, So He Took The Law Into His Owns Hands

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Rick Frank (@_RickFrank) joined The Building Downtown (@TheBuildingDT) hosts Jason Kelly (@JayKellyMMA), Kirill Kasatskiy (@KrilRaps) and Amy Barton (@amesbelle) to talked to criminal defense lawyer Rick Frank about his career, common misconceptions about the law, scandalous behavior of the police, why you should not trust the police and the criminal justice system, crown attorneys and judges being overly eager to incarcerate people, alternative forms of rehabilitation, the horrors of jail, racism and racial profiling, Canada's "Michael Jordan-esque" lawyers, Cannabis Amnesty and their effort to have pardons granted for an estimated 500,000 people with cannabis related convictions, the gray area of the law after Canada legalized cannabis, and he shared some wild stories from practicing law. Follow the show and subscribe below: YouTube: Spotify: Itunes: Google Play: Twitter: Instagram: TheBuildingDT