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The Building Downtown 111: Cosigner Talks Undeniable Tour & Album Series, Drops Knowledge On Hip Hop Industry (Part 2 with Jimmy Magnum)

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Episode notes

Cosigner joined The Building Downtown (@TheBuildingDT) hosts Jason Kelly (@JayKellyMMA) and Kirill Kasatskiy (@KrilRaps) to discuss the Undeniable Tour happening in Canada and the US, the Undeniable album series, how he assembles teams on the ground in different regions, the difference between throwing events in Canada vs. the states, the possibility and desire of getting into the European market, how hip hop changed when Wall Street saw opportunity and got involved, share stories of rap acts being blackballed from radio and shows by big corporations and politicians with agendas, and dropped a wealth of knowledge for artists and anyone involved in the hip hop music business. Along with Cosigner, the hosts welcomed Jimmy Magnum (@JimmyMagnum1), who is performing on the Undeniable Tour on Aug. 6, at the Polish Club in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Magnum is a reggae artist form Ontario, with a unique story, and he gave insight on his background, his career, challenges of creating music in a genre that doesn't offer many similar artists in the same region -or country for that matter- and spoke on his new single "Go Go," and newest project. Follow the show and subscribe below: YouTube: Spotify: Itunes: Google Play: Twitter: Instagram: TheBuildingDT