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Former Australian Rugby Union captain, David Pocock hands over his contact book to Craig Doyle who calls up some of those who have played a very important part in his life so far.

From his childhood in Zimbabwe where his first coach reveals how parents of the other rugby children complained about him, to one of his brothers explaining why the family had to take a bench press in the middle of a snorkelling holiday.

On field, his friend and former teammate Kurtley Beale spills the beans on match tactics and coach, Robbie Deane explains why he picked “Poey” to lead Australia.

In a fascinating programme that reveals many sides of the legendary Australian flanker, David explains why he’s stood up for LGBTQ rights, gives all the details of his arrest during a famous environmental protest and talks about his future political ambitions.

Our thanks to the contributors to David Pocock's episode including.

David Pocock
Michael Pocock
Simon Gough
Kurtley Beale
Robbie Deans.
Rick Laird
Anania Ncube
Patience Ncube

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