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This week Will Carling, England’s youngest ever rugby captain, hands his contact book over to Craig Doyle.

On the Contact Book, Will admits he is nervous because “There’s a lot that shouldn’t be coming out’.

The episode is full of honest and revealing tales about the life and times of the rugby legend.

These stories include the full, uncensored history about the time he was sacked for calling all 57 of those who ran the English game of rugby “old farts”. Carling also mentions how when he first got the call to be captain, he answered assuming he was being dropped from the squad.

We even learn why when meeting the England team, Nelson Mandela was asked about road tax.

Will also candidly delves into the period where he was in the full glare of the world’s media, for all the wrong reasons – reflecting on how his journey from the back pages of newspapers to the front almost destroyed his life and those around him.

Craig Doyle calls up some of Will’s closest friends who, for the first time, shed light on how they had to help him through this most difficult period.

This episode is enlightening, moving and funny in equal measure.

Our thanks to the contributors to Will Carling's episode

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