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Rob Estreitinho on doing the work, being kind to yourself and the upside of changing diapers

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Episode notes

This episode I chat with recent father, and author of the popular philosophy newsletter Salmon Theory, Rob Estreitinho. Rob describes his inner journey grappling with trauma which has helped him turn his life around and create a nurturing environment for his daughter. 

He is a deep thinker, a lover of finding things that feel counterintuitive and in this episode offers some great perspectives to re-frame many of the hardest parts of parenting.

In this conversation we cover:

* What makes you, you

* How philosophy can teach you so much about life and planning

* The importance of maxims

* The theory of your inner child and how you treat it

* Small ’t’ trauma

* Don’t ask your baby why he/she is doing this to you, just be there for them—and it’ll make you feel better too

* Changing a diaper is a surprisingly great time to connect with your child.

We also discuss Dr Gabor Maté, the Good Enough Parent book and the Montessori approach.

If you’d like to connect with Rob check out his newsletter, Salmon Theory. You can also find him on Twitter at @robistyping

I hope you enjoy this chat with Rob…

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