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This week I am joined by the wonderful Sumantha McMahon. Sumantha, the founder of Upgrade Your Education Business, is a former teacher turned private tutor, who has also been a qualified business trainer for over 15 years. Having walked the journey, she currently supports education businesses and tutors grow and 'design' their businesses – a concept we discuss in this episode. For Sumantha, the principle of 'designing' lies in crafting and shaping businesses around what we, as business owners want. We discuss how it can apply to the strategic side of things, for instance, making our businesses work for the lifestyle we lead or want. But it can also apply to the smaller things that give us the experience we want. In short, Sumantha believes in making intentional decisions to serve us, the business owner. If you are a tutor or education business owner, you can check out her podcast and Tutors' Mastermind.

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