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S3 Ep6: Laura Barton Interview

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Episode notes

Fancy going for a spin with us? ‘Cos we’re about to head off in this ole, beat up Cadillac. Laura Barton is at the wheel and she’s got the windows down and the radio up. Jon’s nodding seriously to the majestic growl of Johnny Cash and Tommy’s got his head out the window, forcing air up his nose like a blood hound. And we’re here and we’re alive and just shooting the breeze about sad songs, rock stars, lost love, writing, Betjeman, Springsteen, journalism, and turnips… for some reason.  Yeah.  I’m not entirely sure why, but turnips seem to… crop up, so… 

Laura's new book - Sad Songs

Laura's BBC "Notes on music"

Laura's sad songs

Jon's sad song

Tom's sad song

Some other things that crop up:

The amazing producers of ‘Notes’

Rebecca Solnit;

Laura’s novel, Twenty-One Locks:

Shape note singing:

Cold Mountain:

John Betjeman & Jim Parker’s Banana Blush Album

How to grow really nice turnips