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Professor Jane L. Ireland PhD is a Chartered Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, and Chartered Scientist. She has a background in both psychology and law. She holds a professorial chair at the University of Central Lancashire and is clinical lead for violence therapies at a secure forensic psychiatric unit. Jane regularly provides expert witness services in family, criminal and personal injury cases. Her research interests include aggression, psychopathy, personality disorder, self-injurious behaviour and treatment evaluation. She is an accredited EMDR (trauma) therapist who leads a trauma clinic.   Further reading:   John Archer Rowell Huesmann Murray Straus Kaj Bjorkqvist   She also recommended for functional analysis:   Jackson, H.F., Glass, C. & Hope, S. (1987). A functional analysis of recidivistic arson. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 26, 175-185.   And for motivation publications by Richard Ryan and Edward Deci.