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Exited 2 Companies by 29, Now He Invests in Startups and Charters Superyachts - Richard Hadler | E82

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Episode notes

Richard Hadler is a 2x exited founder. He sold a B2B marketing agency and a D2C ready-to-drink cocktail brand. He’s a director at Odin and a Co-Founder of Founders Capital where he’s now focused on investing in startups. 

We talk about:

- Turning around a struggling publishing business at a young age

- Scaling an agency business to 80+ employees

- How to build a highly profitable agency

- Starting a cocktail business during the pandemic

- Founders Capital and investing in startups

- Traits of successful founders

- Why charter a superyacht in Croatia

- Modelling Alex Hormozi

- Insights into Rich's approach to investing

- What separates great founders from ok founders


- Richard on LinkedIn:

- Founders Capital:

- Tough Calls by Allan Leighton: 


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