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My Success System: How I Sold My Agency for 7 Figures and Started an AI Startup - Jodie Cook | E88

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Episode notes

Jodie Cook started a digital agency at age 22, fresh out of university. Over 10 years, she built her agency into a successful lifestyle business before selling it for 7 figures using her proven "success system" blueprint. Then she soon started Coachvox, and startup that helps coaches make an AI clone of themselves. Jody chronicled her entrepreneurial journey in her book Ten Year Career which received praise from prolific entrepreneur Derek Sivers, who stated "every future millionaire needs this wise perspective."

We talk about:

- Starting an agency at age 22 fresh out of university

- Jodie’s "success system" for achieving any goal in life

- How Jodie developed her incredibly clear thinking

- The 3 phases of building a sellable agency

- How Coachvox is changing the game for coaches and creators

- Behind the scenes of an AI startup

- Extreme people get extreme results

- Go where the money is

- Win the mental game

- Balancing time using a "Profession, Obsession, Decompression" framework

- Eliminating decision fatigue with the "perfect repeatable day"


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