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7-Figure Agency Founder: Starting and Scaling an Agency in The Age of AI - Loukas Hambi | E84

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Episode notes

Loukas Hambi is the founder of two multi 7-figure agencies. The first one, Hambi Media, was recently sold to Soar With Us. And his second agency, For You Advertising, became the fastest-growing TikTok agency. He’s helped 150+ DTC brands scale to 7 and 8 figures and spent over £150M on creative. He also started a few of his own DTC brands.

We talk about:

- Lessons learned from the legendary Felix Dennis

- Starting, growing and selling an agency

- Is agency a good or a bad business

- Loukas’ strategy for growing an agency to 7 figures fast

- How AI is changing the agency and DTC landscape

- How Loukas is implementing AI across his businesses

- Best AI tools to use in advertising

- How to build trust with customers in the age of AI

- The importance of balance for personal performance

- How to hire A-players

- The #1 book that transformed Loukas’ business

- One skill that's been the most beneficial for business success

- What separates OK founders from GREAT founders


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