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How I Sold a Browser Plugin For 7 Figures in 2 Years (Dragons' Den's Best Pitch) - Jonny Plein | E81

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Episode notes

Jonny Plein sold his first company, Pouch, for 7 figures after just 2 years. But he’s gone through all the worst entrepreneurial ups and downs throughout this journey. They got 5 out of 5 offers on Dragons’ Den, grew 10x overnight, then had to fire the whole team. Now he raised £2M for his next startup, YASO, helping brands enter the $1.7tn Chinese ecommerce market using social commerce.

We talk about:

- Where the idea for Pouch came from

- Innovative ideas are over-rated

- How to build the first product

- Having the best pitch on Dragons’ Den

- From the highest highs to the lowest lows

- Negotiating a 7 figure exit

- Raising £2m funding with no revenue and no product

- Entering China - the largest market in the world

- How to pre-sell your product


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