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Being Bipolar and Building Tech Companies - James Roycroft-Davis | E87

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Episode notes

James Roycroft-Davis is a serial tech entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and investor. He has founded multiple companies, including his latest startup Baseline which aims to support people with bipolar disorder through an app-based platform.

We talk about:

- Losing a job and starting a business

- First startup: Productizing his mom

- Running a business with spouse or family member

- Challenges of building a tech startup

- Why 72% of entrepreneurs suffer from some mental health condition

- Bipolar disorder and its impact on building companies

- Vision behind his mental health startup Baseline

- Building an MVP for a tech startup

- Insights on the current fundraising landscape

- Investing experience, getting in on Discord pre-IPO

- Fitting wellness routines into a busy schedule

- Microdosing psychedelics among founders


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- Baseline:


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