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The Self, Security and the Surveillance State #11

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Episode notes

Today, I'm joined by Rogier Creemers, Assistant Professor in China Studies at Leiden University, and the Co-editor of Law and the Party in China: Ideology and Organisation and by Josh Chin of the China Bureau at the Wall Street Journal, who is also the co-author with Lisa Lin of the new book, Surveillance State, China's quest to launch a new era of social control.

This episode of The Future of You covers:

  • The macro context, discussing the geopolitical economic and trade situation
  • Technology transfer, highlighting the issues over semiconductors, and China's ambition to play a bigger role in the global economy and technology. 
  • Mass surveillance at a personal and even biological level of Chinese citizens, predominantly, but not exclusively, by the Uyghurs. 
  • The social credit system, and both the Chinese and Western understandings and perhaps misunderstandings of that. 
  • The Supreme People's Court blacklist system
  • The regulation of algorithms
  • The nature of authoritarianism versus personal autonomy. 
  • Why Chinese culture contains no such notion of autonomy

The Future of You: Can Your Identity Survive 21st Century Technology?:

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