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Episode notes

During the second season of The Future of You podcast, I’m taking a detailed look at who we are and how the technology we use every day is shaping who we are becoming. It’s clearer than ever that the biology of the self and the psychology of the self has now been joined by a third dimension….the technology of the self. 

I’m Tracey Follows, futurist and founder of Futuremade, the futures consultancy. Join me as I speak with professors and philosophers, futurists and technologists to discover more about how emerging technologies are impacting our identity, and what we might want to do about it.

I’ll be releasing new episodes every fortnight, focussing on topics such as digital death, robot rights, avatars and virtual beings, cryogenics, the extreme self, the Web3 economy of the self and so much more. 

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Let’s continue our journey into identity in the digital world and explore what’s ahead for the future of me and…the future of you.