The Future of You

Digital Identity and Self Sovereignty with Kaliya Young & Lucy Yang #7

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Episode notes

Imagine a world in which you control your own identity and are truly the arbiter of which personal information is shared with others. The tools making this a reality are evolving right now…

At the spearhead of the movement for self-sovereign identity are Kaliya Young, a leader in decentralised identity, and Lucy Yang, a tech entrepreneur and advisor. We hear from them on The Future of You this week, as we dissect digital wallets, verifiable credentials, digital identity, anonymity and self-sovereignty.

This episode of The Future of You covers:

  • Why digital identity is so important and how it differs from the physical realm
  • The tools Kaliya and Lucy are developing to enable self-sovereign identities
  • Whether anonymity or pseudonymity is feasible while maintaining accountability
  • Wallet Wars: how might wallets evolve and consolidate across the public and private sector
  • The principles of physical identity that must carry over into a digital solution and the importance of Opens Standards

The Future of You: Can Your Identity Survive 21st Century Technology?:

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