The Global Safety Podcast

By Lloyd's Register Foundation

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The Global Safety Podcast explores how engineers and scientists are making the world a safer place.

We face colossal challenges today; challenges that threaten the lives of millions of people. Each day 6,300 people die in workplace accidents and 420,000 people a year die from foodborne diseases. Many of these deaths are avoidable.

The Global Safety Podcast investigates the biggest safety issues facing the planet and looks at the latest science and innovations being developed to safeguard our future in an unpredictable world. How can we feed a growing population, whilst still ensuring that food is safe to eat? And how can we keep people safe with more and more robots in the workplace and driverless cars soon to become a reality?

The Global Safety Podcast is brought to you by Lloyd’s Register Foundation an independent global charity that is engineering a safer world. Subscribe today so that you don’t miss an episode.

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