S03 E08 - PRESENT meets PAST at Burning Man

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Episode notes

Burning Man is known for a lot of things: The art. The parties. The wooden man that’s set on ablaze every year. But most Burners don’t know much about the history of the land or its original inhabitants: the Pyramid Lake Paiutes  In this episode of THE INTERSECTION, reporter Lucy Kang explores the Piautes and their relationship to Burning Man. 


You can support the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe through Comfort & Joy's fundraising campaign on Facebook. ---

This episode is a co-prodction of KALW and KPFA. It was edited by David Boyer and engineered by Gabe Grabin with theme music from Erik Pearson. Songs from the album Circle Dance Songs of the Paiute and Shoshone by Judy Trejo ARE courtesy of Canyon Records. "Sweet Betsy From Pike" was performed by Zelmer Ward and Vester Whitworth. 


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