THE INTERSECTION / S03 E01 - PAVEMENT meets PLAYA at Burning Man

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Episode notes

Host David Boyer has been going to Burning Man since 1996. This time, he's heading back with a mission: to capture the event before it's over or loses all connection to its origins. In this episode, we enter the temporary city and are welcomed by a man in a He-Man™ merkin — the first many of kooks and creatives, activists and artists we'll meet this season. 


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Producer: David Boyer Editor: Lisa Morehouse Engineer: Gabe Grabin, Tarek Fouda and David Boyer Music: Erik Pearson Associate Producer: Jonathan Davis Tracking Guru: Jenee Darden

Special thanks to the Pigmalions, Versed, BMIR and all the peeps who shared a moment and/or a story.

Produced with the technical and emotional support of KALW, and the financial support of SF Arts Commission and California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the NEH.