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Episode notes

In this episode I discuss the push and pull of life. When you follow you own star you are drawn magnetically to what lights you up. When you follow what society deems is right for you  - then you are cut yourself off from that light until you return again. The feeling  won't leave you alone because deep down you know what you inner compass is telling you. 

"The Push" happens when you begin to grow and move towards your dream daily with baby steps. The path will light up for you along the way for you. There is resistance in growth because you are summoning more life through you a bit like a teenager growing. However, once you move and grow you are forever transformed for the better.  

"The Pull" happens when you gather enough momentum and you become a like a strong magnet towards your purpose and personal fulfilment. This is how life works when your are building a business or anything. It starts with the push and eventually crosses over to the pull.

Listen in to discover how this relates to you on your journey of life, wellbeing and success.