The James Granstrom Podcast - Super Soul Model series / The Power of Prayer - The 'Feeling' is the Prayer

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Episode notes

In this episode I explain how prayer is something so common to us in life, yet we still find there is a wall between us and connecting to a higher power. I endeavour to create the bridge and dispel the myth and make it clear for you to understand.

I learned a wonderful and insightful way to pray powerfully from Gregg Braden's personal  encounter with his Native American Indian friend who put it so simply. His prayer which he shared in his book and which I learned back in 2008 - I started to apply in my own life and have never looked back. 

Prayer is renowned for its healing abilities and everyday miracles all over the world, but what if there is more to it that? Can anybody tap into to its power? And if so how? 

Listen in and discover how, and enjoy some of the wild 'out there" experiences which I have experienced which have cemented my connection to life itself. I don't ask you to believe, I just ask you to open your mind and apply anything of value to you that resonates with your heart and soul.

You are what you believe until someone else shares with you a story of what happened to them which expands your horizons. Prayer has a power and its power comes from you! Tune in, tap in and connect!