The James Granstrom Podcast - Super Soul Model series / Why Pain & Challenges Are Your Best Teacher?

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Episode notes

In this episode I reveal that pain, challenges, suffering and the contrast you experience in life whether it be physical,, emotional or mental is actually a teacher and a lesson that you can learn. It's not just something that happens randomly. The universe is orderly and perfect and the same goes for the unfolding of our lives. 

I have learned through my own experiences and challenges that there is always a silver lining or a lesson to make life better and richer following down times. Don't fall prey to being a victim when challenge occurs, question everything and seek the blessing in the pain or challenge. Then, you'll begin to master your life and realise that everything that happens no mater what, is for your highest good when you eventually look back and connect the dots. 
Discover how and why in this episode.