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In this episode with Frank Lipman, MD, a pioneer & internationally recognized expert in the fields of Integrative & Functional Medicine, you will learn the keys to living a longer, healthier sleep which often starts with focusing on sleep. In his book Better Sleep, Better You, Dr. Lipman points out that getting quality sleep is literally a matter of life & death. He also points out: 1) 70% of people have sleep issues 2) Sleep is your primary rhythm and most of us are out of rhythm 3) All roads lead to and from sleep. You will learn the vital roles that both Melatonin and Cortisol play at the center of our sleep-wake "choreography" as he puts it. He calls it a delicate waltz between melatonin & cortisol production. We also discuss: -What's messing with our Melatonin production that's giving us uneven sleep. -How we are tampering with our biological clocks. -How he is less like a mechanic & more like a gardener in treating patients that often have tried many other doctors. -Why there is no one universal solution for all. Lack of sleep is a proven risk factor for Alzheimer's, Cancer, Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, Obesity. But this episode gives you some of the answers & hope you need...finally! Dr, Lipman has a 21 day reset program which offers quick results that helps you push the restart button on your internal clocks and achieve the results you so desperately and avoid being one of the grave statistics. Dr, Lipman is the founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in NYC where patients from all over the world that have tried many other options come to him for resolution to even the most challenging health issues.

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