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#09: Purpose Interview - Andrea Finkbeiner-Müller

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Episode notes

A truly authentic, emotional and informative interview with former CEO of Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH Andrea Finkbeiner-Müller.   

For me this is a special one and I hope you will enjoy this podcast interview as well as it covers such a broad spectrum around purpose and personal crisis. 

Andrea is the former CEO of Mercedes Benz Customer Solutions.

She is also well known in the Mercedes Benz Retail world, as she was the Director of the international dealer network development and customer satisfaction department for more than 6 years. In this function I had the pleasure to work with her for almost 4 years. 

Overall, Andrea spent around 35 years in various positions at Mercedes-Benz and is therefore an absolute automotive industry expert, experienced leader, strategist and always committed to the personal development of the people around her. 

Being diagnosed with a brain tumor 1.5 years ago, her life abruptly came to a full stop.
While Andrea is recovering from this, we are reflecting about her motivation and purpose, how she found it in a large corporation, how it evolved over time and what she learned about the management of personal crisis. 

I feel honoured and touched by her willingness to do this interview. 

Thank you Andrea and wish you a good recovery! 



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