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#13: About Perfectionism

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Episode notes

Hi dear listeners,

It has to be good!
It should be better than what the others do!
If it is not good, it has no value!
Learn more before you share your knowledge with others!
I will take this task so I can control the outcome!
Mistakes are not acceptable!

I could go on for a while but if you know one or more of these thoughts you might be part of the club of perfectionists! :-)

To me these thoughts became a real limitation when I was confronted with an unsatisfying job context and relationship challenges.
I wasn't able to invite uncertainty and change into my life although these qualities were crucial when it comes to finding a way out of my situation.

Realising how often I was hijacked by these thoughts and emotions and overcoming them opened doors for me that I didn't allow myself to think about before.

I hope you have your take aways from this episode and have the courage to take the steps needed to approach your inner perfectionist! 


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