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How Northern Gritstone is hoping to bridge the North-South research funding gap | What do communities want from net zero?

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There is a North-South divide - like many things - in research and development.

In 2019, northern universities attracted only 1.8 per cent of early stage venture funding, compared to 90 per cent that went to Oxford, Cambridge and London.

Duncan Johnson, chief executive at Northern Gritstone, discusses how there is "a level playing field of science and a totally and utterly uneven level playing field of funding".

He tells Northern Agenda editor Rob Parsons how Northern Gritstone, a groundbreaking new investment company, will bridge the innovation gap, funding research in the applied and life sciences.

And Westminster editor Dan O'Donohue chats to Jonathan Webb about the IPPR North's latest report, which looks at how residents in Liverpool and Anglesey want their communities reshaped in the future.

The paper's co-author explains how the think tank wanted to "cut through the noise" when it comes to the net zero transition, and what it actually means for communities.

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