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Muslims in the North: how a new museum in Leeds wants to "decolonise civic spaces"

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This week Rob Parsons finds out about a new museum display celebrating the trailblazing contributions of Muslims living and working in the North of England.

Leeds City Museum’s Voices of Asia Gallery is hosting Muslims in the North, which explores the pioneering work of prominent Muslims in fields including commerce, healthcare, law and research.

Maria Hussain, lecturer in management and organisations at the University of Leeds Business School, whose research underpinned this display, tells Rob how she hopes the exhibit will help people in the North appreciate cultural diversity and explains her aim of "decolonising civic spaces".

Plus: Is Boris Johnson really going to be campaigning for Rishi Sunak in the North ahead of the General Election? Has Levelling Up failed? And should we be letting 16-year-olds vote in parish council elections?

Rob talks over these big issues from the news this week with Henri Murison, chief executive of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership.

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