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Liverpool mayor Steve Rotheram on 'levelling up' minister Michael Gove | Sheffield's youngest - and only Tory - councillor | Life expectancy

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Episode notes

The Northern Agenda - the political podcast that offers a perspective outside the Westminster bubble - asks why there is a North-South divide when it comes to life expectancy.

Host Rob Parsons speaks to Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard about a new report from Imperial College London on life expectancy inequalities in England. He also chats to Yorkshire Live reporter Kristian Johnson about the findings.

Liverpool metro mayor Steve Rotheram joins Rob and Liverpool Echo political editor Liam Thorp for a discussion about working with new 'levelling up' minister Michael Gove.

The Labour mayor also discusses his relationship with other metro mayors, responds to previous attacks from Ben Houchen, and reacts to Keir Starmer's op-ed in The Sun newspaper.

And Sheffield's youngest - and only Tory - councillor Lewis Chinchen chats to Rob about how the Yorkshire city has responded to his victory in the May elections - and whether more Conservative councillors will soon join him.

The Northern Agenda podcast is presented by Rob Parsons and Dan O'Donoghue, and it is produced by Daniel J. McLaughlin. It is a Laudable production for Reach.

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