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Season 2 - Episode 6 - Fashion Editor turned Casting Director How does one 'Get Discovered' with Rose Rosen, CSA

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Episode notes

Rose Rosen CSA, consistently rated among Florida's most distinguished casting directors, provides talent for both episodic and unscripted TV shows, movies, commercials and print campaigns nationwide. Ms. Rosen's 25-year track record earned her membership in the prestigious Casting Society of America and the respect of countless aspiring actors for furthering their careers. She credits her work casting the Tim Burton classic, Edward Scissorhands for advancing her own career just six months after deciding to leave her role as Fashion Editor. 


Turns out people do still get 'discovered' in coffee shops and the little blue 'verified' checkmark may not mean as much as you think. Rosen has worked in the virtual casting world for many years, casting both films and commercials using self tape and virtual casting rooms.  During the pandemic, she teamed up with LA based casting director, Kim Swanson to create a YouTube show for actors called "Casting Notes From Rosen and Kim."  

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