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Season 2- Episode 5 - Serving Community on LinkedIn with Maame De-Heer

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Episode notes

To say that Maame De-Heer has accomplished a lot is a gross understatement! She has taken to LinkedIn [a more traditional online professional network] to share her experience and build a thriving community that has real impact. Her approach to the platform is refreshing -- throughout our conversation she drops plenty of golden nuggets.


She is a Policy Analyst with the Government of Canada. Concurrently, she is a Clinical Research Analyst at the University Health Network with the Kidney Health Education and Research Group


Maame also founded the Power of Love Foundation Canada, a not for profit organization that provides resources to low-income Black Canadians.  Maame also serves as the Vice President for Public Relations with Toastmasters International in the Brampton division. Maame is currently a fellow in the Leading Social Justice Fellowship at the University of Toronto School of Cities department.  Recently, Maame acquired a Masters of Public Health in Social and Behavioural Health Sciences, which she attained from the University of Toronto, alongside a Collaborative Specialization in Global Health, Health Services & Policy Research.


Connect with Maame:

LinkedIn: Maame De-Heer

Power of Love Foundation: