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The Story of Chagos Football

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Episode notes

On this very special episode, we dived deep into the story of Chagos Islands football. Its an incredible story of how football can be used to represent a people who have had their rights ignored. The Chagos Islands are a tiny archipelago in the Indian Ocean, who's inhabitants were illegally removed in the early 70s. With many of the refugees descendants living in the UK, we examined how the representative football team is being used to raise awareness of the issue and the importance of giving people the opportunity to represent their own heritage.

This episode includes two interviews, first with Sabrina Jean, the Chair of the UK Chagos Refugees Group and Jimmy Ferrar, the coach of the Chagos Islands National Team.

It is a sobering and important story to tell, and we are delighted to be able to bring the story to you. Timestamps below for the interviews:

Sabrina Jean - 16:05

Jimmy Ferrar - 47:35

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