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Revisiting the 2000 Notre Dame Clash with Heisman Trophy Winner Eric Crouch

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Episode notes

Mitch and Max pull and twist the assortment of glistening and flashing knobs in their Nebraska football time machine to revisit the battle against Notre Dame in 2000. The guys marvel at the Nebraska contingent at Notre Dame Stadium and revel in the home field-esque advantage before discussing the history of the match up, the style of play, and the special team's blunders. Husker football legend and Heisman Trophy Winner, Eric Crouch, joins the duo to relive the contest, and muse what an alternate universe with him in a Notre Dame jersey would look like. Crouch also chats about the ravenous Sea of Red, Nebraska's punishing brand of running offense, and the confidence the Huskers harbored in overtime to defeat the Fighting Irish.

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